I am currently a Ph.D. student at the University of California-Davis in the Rosenheim lab  and an NSF GRFP Fellow. Previously I finished an M.S. at University of Maryland in the Hooks lab. In general, I am interested in researching plant-insect interactions in agroecosystems, particularly those involving herbivores, natural enemies, or pollinators. I am also interested in utilizing digital technologies, ecoinformatics, and chemical ecology approaches to further integrated pest management efforts. For my Ph.D. I am currently researching the extent and variation of  impacts direct pests have on young citrus fruits using a combination of a relational database of actual citrus fields and field experiments. For my masters work I investigated the effects of red clover as a living mulch on arthropod pests, natural enemies, and pollinators in vegetable systems. With my research I aim to provide growers and crop consultants with increased information about pests and effective, sustainable pest management. Additionally, I enjoy sharing research findings with the public and teaching others about the fascinating world of insects!